After all the division & mudslinging that came on Election Day 2011 yesterday, it is time to settle another big debate. What is the greatest candy in the world? The 1st step in deciding something so important is the criteria that we judge the candy. Is the best criteria based on sales? Is it by a history of greatness? Or do we look into our hearts to decide which is the best? Does the best candy have chocolate or is it the sugary goodness that makes candy so near and dear to our hearts? I think we have to have a system that takes all of it into account to truly decide.

I think if we are honest with ourselves only 1 candy can win. I am biased but 1 candy stands tall over all others in terms of flavor, universal appeal, and the perfect mix of peanut butter and chocolate. Anyone who disagrees is just out of line & doesn't have the sophisticated palate of a veteran candy connoisseur such as myself . I won't say the name of the candy since this isn't a commercial but again if you look inside your heart you will find the answer. What is your favorite candy? Leave a comment below.

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