So the day before Thanksgiving I did a segment on how it’s my favorite holiday of the year because of the four F’s….family, food, football and fun.  However I just realized what also adds to this American tradition and that is many of us have a four-way weekend.  For those of you who had to work Friday, Saturday or Sunday…or all three I’m sorry you did not have this benefit.

When you think of it this is the one holiday of the year that many of us have the guaranteed four-day weekend because it always falls on a Thursday.  Yes I know many have Christmas Eve off from work but if that falls in the middle of the week it’s just a two-day break.  The only way a company could ever come up with guaranteed four-day weekends around holidays was to do it for the ones that fall on Monday.  Problem is they are not the celebratory ones like Christmas, July 4 and maybe Labor Day.  You’re not going to make an extended weekend out of President’s Day…at least I don’t think so.

Bottom line is Thanksgiving works great for those of us with all four days off, especially in my family where my daughter’s birthday falls on the 27th which is right around the day.  It means two celebrations during the long weekend or in Alex’s case daily celebrations.

Celebrating Alex's 31t at one of our favorite places
Celebrating Alex's 31t at one of our favorite places

So now next year I will be hopefully be thankful for the five F’s….family, food, football, fun and four-day weekend. Oh! I just realized that I forgot friends so I guess there will be six F’s.

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