It has to be tough.

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As an employer, what do you get for the employees that work for you that

1.) Won't be deemed offensive?

2.) Will go over well?

3.) Be remembered for years to come?

Well, not any of these. In a survey conducted by the employee rewards program Snappy, employees received everything from puka shell necklaces to bananas. Yeah, don't gift an employee with bananas. Not a good look.

The 25 worst gifts ever received are as follows ranked from the best of the worst to the absolute worst gifts one could ever get.


  • 25

    Puka Shell Necklace

    While this isn't the most awful gift anyone could ever receive for the holidays, it's still a hit or miss. The only people decked out in puka shell necklaces these days are VSCO girls and they average at around 14 years old.

  • 24

    A Potato

    We're obviously progressing here on our list. Who would ever think to themselves that it's a good idea to give someone a potato for Christmas. If I ever received a potato from a boss, I would just wonder why.

  • 23

    Stale Candy in a Used Mug

    Okay, the stale candy might be forgivable, but a used mug? Get completely out of here. You couldn't move $10 of the company budget around for the sake of keeping things sanitary? Gross.

  • 22

    Mason Jar Lid

    Candy in a mason jar? Cute. Just a mason jar lid? I'd rather not get anything at all.

  • 21

    A Plastic, Landline Wall Phone

    Nobody uses wall phones anymore. Sorry.

  • 20

    Gas Station Wine

    If you forgot to get a gift and this was the last spot you passed on your way into the office, this may just be a personal opinion, but you could've done worse. It's from a gas station, so yuck. But, at the same time, at least it's wine.

    Since we're in Jersey though, this wouldn't be what we ended up with if our boss stopped at a gas station.

  • 19

    Foot Lotion

    Miss me with your foot fetish, boss-man.

  • 18

    Rubber Duck

    This might win the title of "most random Christmas gift". If you have kids, this could make a good bath toy. If not, don't know what to tell you. Maybe, repurpose it as a pet toy?

  • 17

    Lottery Tickets

    Don't understand why lottery tickets are the 17th worst gift you could ever receive from your boss. He basically just gave you a chance at maybe never having to walk through your office's front door again. You'd have to win, of course.

  • 16

    Squatty Potty

    If you don't know what a Squatty Potty is, it's basically a step that rests at the foot of your toilet. Why would you ever give an employee a Squatty Potty? What are you trying to say, boss?

  • 15


    Shampoo is not an objective gift. Everyone has a different hair texture, therefore everyone uses a shampoo that fits their head's particular need. Don't give it to anyone. Just don't.

  • 14

    “Fart in a glass”

    Enough said.

  • 13

    Jumper Cables

    If you use the excuse that you car's battery died a few too many times this year, now you know why your boss gave you jumper cables.

  • 12

    Whoopee Cushion

    Depending on your sense of humor and maturity level, this will probably go right in the trash.

  • 11


    Nobody loves bananas enough to receive them as a Christmas gift.

  • 10


    Are you trying to call your employee a witch? Do you want them to also put in overtime as part of the office's maintenance staff? A broom, though?

  • 9

    Pink Slip

    Not the right time.

  • 8


    Depending on the expiration date, this might not be the worst gift to receive.

  • 7

    Pair of Scissors

    You clearly just grabbed these out of the supply closet, but thanks, I guess...

  • 6

    A Copy of Magic Mike

    This could be interpreted one of two ways, neither one of which would you want your employee to think.

  • 5


    Thanks, but that's what GNC is for.

  • 4


    Don't be assuming someone's religion. Where's HR?!

  • 3


  • 2


    See above.

  • 1

    Stress Ball

    You know why a stress ball is the absolute WORST gift you could EVER give to your employees? Because YOU are the ultimate cause OF their stress. Give me a stress ball and thanks for the giant slap in the face, ya jerk.

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