The Offshore Powerboat Association was supposed to hold their huge Point Pleasant Beach Grand Prix this weekend, June 12-14th. However, obviously with social distancing still being in effect, large gatherings have been postponed and cancelled all over the shore. No one wants to be responsible for being the epicenter of a spike in Covid cases, so the Grand Prix was postponed.

Here's where things got kind of complicated.

If you were to check up on the Offshore Powerboat Association on Facebook, you would see they still have an active event page for Point Pleasant Beach for this weekend. If you went to the OPA website, you would see they have a supposedly updated schedule that has PPB tabbed for August 14-16th. However, when I checked with the NJ Offshore Powerboat Racing Association, they have a press release saying the new dates would be September 25-27th.

In my desire to provide you with info that is as accurate as possible, I asked our news department if they could get in touch with anyone from Point Beach to confirm or deny those dates.

Thanks to solid work by TSM News go-to reporter Vin Ebenau, who got word from PPB Mayor Paul Kanitra, we can confirm that the OPA PPB Grand Prix will be taking place September 25th, 26th, and 27th!

Based on years past, the best viewing spot is usually near Martell's Tiki Bar and Jenks Pavilion, but you'll be able to see the boats from anywhere along the beach.

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