Reciting the old holiday classic the 'The 12 days of Christmas' would just be redundant and boring. What rocker wants 2 turtle doves anyhow? 5 golden rings? Nah!

Watching 12 videos by the legendary band Kiss however, makes for a very merry Kissmas for every member of the Kiss Army! Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

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    'Hide Your Heart'

    Off of the 'Hot in the Shade' album. This is a song about a love triangle between Johnny, Rosa & Tito and life out on the streets. This is basically Kiss' hard rock version of West Side Story.

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    'Right Here Right Now'

    Off of their latest album "Monster," the song "Right Here Right Now" is a great example of what being at a live Kiss show is like. You feel like you are a part of the concert with this video.

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    'Let's Put The X In Sex'

    One of the 2 new songs off the 'Smashes Thrashes & Hits' compilation. The album was the 3rd greatest hits album by the band but only the 2nd released in the States at that time. The band was actually sued for this video as the owners of the building featured in the video felt that the building was portrayed in a graphic light. Had no one ever seen a rock video before this?

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    'God Gave Rock & Roll To You'

    The song and video were written for the movie 'Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.' Sadly the music video would be the last for the band with drummer Eric Carr, as he would later lose his battle with cancer.

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    Kiss shows off a little of he band's heavier side with Unholy. The video, shot in black and white, is a bit dark, even for a band that for the majority of their careers wore make up to hide their identities.

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    'Crazy Crazy Nights'

    The first single off of 'Crazy Nights,' the video was shot in the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. Like other videos of its time, it was a video shot to make it look like 'live' concert footage. Live or not, Kiss could always pull off the 'big' look which includes this video.

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    Tears Are Falling

    Watching this video you can tell fairly quickly that Kiss was hijacked by the height of the 80's by the significant amount of neon that is present throughout. Gene Simmons himself has said that the Asylum record was a period in time when he looked as if he had raided Phyllis Diller's closet. We tend to agree with that statement, Gene.

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    'Psycho Circus'

    The title track off Kiss' comeback album. This is great rockin' tune and and the video was shot in 3D. The band handed out 3D glasses at concerts on the tour for special parts of the show as well.

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    Lick It Up

    The title track from the album. This was Kiss' first music video post-make up era. Lick it up was one of two video they released from this album, both set in post-apocalyptic settings, jokingly proving that Kiss can survive just about anything, even taking their makeup off.

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    I Love It Loud

    Much like Lick it Up, 'I Love it Loud' will always have significance in Kisstory as it was the last video for the band in makeup. Off of Creatures in the Night album, the video shows the group performing while kids watching them perform on tv, become mesmerized by the band. This would be the last video guitarist Ace Frehley would be featured in as he would leave the band later that year.

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    Although Beth may always be the staple of Kiss' softer side, this song runs a very close second. Another song off Hot in the Shade, this song re-energized the band in the 1990's putting them back on the radio airwaves with this great power ballad.

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    Rock & Roll All Nite

    How can the band's 'anthem' not be included in this list? The video was actually comprised of various footage from the band's personal 'documentary' called Kiss:Exposed.

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