Happy April Fools Day!

Why can't parents get in on the April Fools Day Fun with their kids?

Thanks to Your Tango for the inspiration for Ten silly April Fools pranks to play on your kids.

If any of these suggestions misfires or leads to a calamity, I bear no responsibility, much like the rest of my life.

Get your Whoopi cushions out, 'cause here we go!

1-Dress backwards.
Put all of your clothes on backwards and go wake your kids up and see if they notice. You can go about your day's Zoom calls and/or online instruction as though everything was normal. You could even collaborate with a partner and place bets on how long it will take for someone to notice.

2- Rearrange furniture or decorations around the house.
Of course, be sure not to create any safety hazards as you go, but you can certainly create some laughter-Inducing confusion.

3- Ask someone to read a series of words.
Have someone in your family read these four words out loud: eye + ship + mice + elf. Try it yourself and you'll quickly understand why.

4-Glue money to the floor.
Do your kids love it when you give them money or they find coins on the street? Get super glue and glue coins or even a dollar bill outside your door, and ask them to go on a walk. That will be the first thing they see, so get ready for them to be confused when they can't pick it up.

5-Put fake bugs on them.
This is one of the easiest yet funniest pranks you can do. Buy a few fake creepy crawlers like spiders, beetles, and other tiny insects. Spread them all over the house and freak out the kids. Walk by one of your kids, or maybe drop it on their shoulder or head, and let a sibling or your partner point it out.

6- Freeze their favorite cereal.
Add some laughs into your kid's morning by pranking them with frozen cheerios or their favorite cereal. The night before, pour milk and Cheerios into a bowl and add a spoon. Freeze them together and bring the bowls out in the morning, just before your kids come to the kitchen.

Get a kick out of their reaction when they realize the Cheerios are frozen and they can pick up the frozen bowl by the spoon.

7- Put chocolate on the baby's diaper.
If you have a baby at home, this is the perfect prank to play on your spouse. Get a diaper and smear it with Nutella or chocolate. Call your spouse in as you slick the chocolate from the diaper. Watch them look at you with disgust. (Bonus points if you do it while changing the baby.)

8- Hairspray the toilet paper.
Prank your kids or spouse with an evil toilet paper prank. Put hairspray on the loose edge of the toilet paper and stick it to the toilet paper role seamlessly. Hear them struggle as they try to open up the new role while failing epically.

9- Create celebrity family photos.
Do you have nice family photos around the dining room? See if your kids or spouse notice as you replace your family's faces with celebrity face paper cutouts. See how long it takes them to notice, and get some laughter when the kids start asking questions if they're related to Millie Bobby Brown or JoJo Siwa.

10- Switch out their snacks.
Prank your kid with their favorite snack bags as you switch what's inside for a snack they hate. Got green beans, quinoa chips, or kale chips? Open the bottom of their favorite snack bag and dump out the contents, while refilling the bag with the snack they don't like. Then, glue the seams of the bag and get ready for major confusion.

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