April Fool's Day is that one day of the year when the least funny person you know thinks they are absolutely HILARIOUS.

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First off, I have to say how glad I am that April Fool's Day was yesterday and not today. Why? Because there is nothing more tiresome than the cliche radio stunts of "Hey, we changed formats to all polka! Hope you like it!" followed by 30 seconds of accordion music, then followed by the lame DJ busting out laughing at how hysterical that was. Please, my fellow DJs around the world, stop it.

Free Beer & Hot Wings talked to a bunch of losers this morning who tried to pull off classics like the "break up with my girlfriend then tell her I have leukemia" prank. Really? What a horrible human being.

There are very few people who can actually pull off a good, clever prank. CLICK HERE for a list of pranks that totally backfired. You can also check the always-awesome Cracked.com for 6 Prank Gadgets That Only a Sociopath Would Actually Use.

I've pulled off one completely successful prank in my life. It's a sort of long story, but to sum up, it essentially boiled down to Grand Theft Auto: I stole my college housemate's car.

Did you ever get pranked? Or pull off a succesful one? Or even better, fail miserably? Comment below!

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