So today was the big day for those who have waited for the "legal" sale of recreational marijuana in New Jersey. April 21st, 2022 will be the day that will be kinda known as Jersey's "420 Day".


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After waiting over a year, legal weed became available in select stores in New Jersey. According to Wikipedia "Cannabis in New Jersey is legal for both medical use and recreational use. An amendment legalizing cannabis became part of the state constitution on January 1, 2021, and enabling legislation and related bills were signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy on February 22, 2021."



I decided to take a drive to the closest store to our location in Ocean County, which is a store "the Botanist" located in Atlantic County in Egg Harbor Township. I was curious like many of you to see what the scene would be like on the very first day "legal" recreational marijuana was made available in stores here in New Jersey.

Would it be mobbed, would it be ok or would it be quiet as folks get used to the idea of going into stores and purchasing their marijuana. I put together a photo gallery of what it looked like today as I visited this location. If you went out and visited a New Jersey "pot" store, let us know what you thought, or what the reaction was.

Everyone was well behaved and the staff was very accommodating. It was a long wait for day 1 but there were no problems, while I was there, and none I have heard of. As you can see in the photos it was a huge turnout on the first day of legal rec sales. People of all ages and lots of Woodstock tee-shirts lol. People were leaving after making their purchases and they were singing, dancing, and crying tears of joy.

Currently, there are NO legal marijuana shops in Ocean or Monmouth Counties. There is a store located in Burlington County. Curaleaf Edgewater Park 4247 US Route 130, Edgewater Park, New Jersey.


Day One of Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales in New Jersey

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