Grrrr…Parkway and Turnpike Tolls Going Up Again!!!
Hearing the news today of the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike tolls going up in the fall REALLY pisses me off! I am really angry about this.
The New Jersey Turnpike Authority Board unanimously Wednesday to approve a 36% toll increase on the Turnpike and a 27% increase for the Parkway to …
NJ Port Authority to Raise Tolls…Again!!
It's absolutely sickening since we pay so much already for tolls, but it's happening once again!
Tolls at our bridges and tunnels are going up, and a new airport "drop-off tax" is being added to Uber/Lyft starting in 2020.
The plan includes:
 --Increasing tolls by $1 at the George Washington …