The Philadelphia Eagles' season was one to forget. Injuries, QB drama, and an overall commitment to garbage football culminated in an embarrassing roll over that denied the 6-10 Giants their *rightful* playoff position. Of course, the Giants could have won perhaps one or two more games and not had to rely on a team that had clearly quit before Thanksgiving, but that's neither here nor there.

It all seemed sunny in Philadelphia, but over the weekend, while Wild Card Weekend was raging on, a report emerged out of ESPN that indicated the Brotherly Love was not as thick in the air as it appeared to be. Pederson was said to have given a "troubling" answer when he was pressed about his plans for the teams offense. Add that to a fractured relationship with his (one-time) star QB and the general high expectations of the Birds fanbase, and you've got yourself a situation.

I for one can't get over his answer being described as "troubling." When I was a teacher, "a troubling answer" meant someone better get the guidance department on the line. Is Doug drawing violent pictures at work? Lashing out at other coaches? Do we need to launch a HIB investigation? Either way, the Super Bowl glory seems much longer ago than it actually is.

What do you think? Should the Eagles find a new coach? Or does Pederson deserve another shot? Sound off in the comments. Even you, Cowboys fans. Doesn't mean I have to like reading what you have to say.

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