If you've been driving around downtown Toms River of late, you've likely seen crews setting up detours as they carve up the roads and replace water mains and pipes.

That series of water main upgrades in downtown Toms River by SUEZ Water will continue but the company has now announced an additional area they'll be addressing in the weeks to come.

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The new project, (an approximately $2-million investment according to SUEZ), about to get underway will replace about 1.2-miles of aging water main along Cardinal Drive, Oak Ridge Parkway and Sands Point Drive with the goal of removing the old and putting in new and improved water infrastructure to make things better for everyone.

“The water main upgrade on these three streets will support the critical need for service dependability, building a resilient, sustainable water system that customers can rely on for years to come,” Jim Mastrokalos, SUEZ Director of Operations, said in a statement. “Our proactive infrastructure investments, such as this project, are critical to protecting public health and the environment."

The water mains being replaced along Cardinal Drive, Oak Ridge Parkway and Sands Point Drive have been in place since the 1950's and so SUEZ will be working to replace those mains with new 6, 8 and 12-inch ductile iron pipe as well as renewing 80 individual water services.

You can expect to see work on this project begin later on in October and see it reach the finish line, which will include milling and paving along the way, but June of 2022.

SUEZ said that they will "provide ample notification to residents as the project progresses, including when to expect brief interruptions of water service."

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