Three years ago, Ocean City enacted a new law to punish people who fed seagulls - a fine of up to $500 and up to 90 days in jail.

Despite that, Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian is still pleading with residents and visitors to stop feeding the birds.

According to Patch, Mayor Gillian's most recent weekly update said the gulls have "become very aggressive and pose a public safety hazard."

He urged boardwalk merchants to provide enclosed containers for customers getting takeout, and told parents to stay alert when their children carry food.

Gillian said his administration was working with businesses to consider using netting, noise, or other means to keep the birds away. He also stressed that the public can NOT hit the birds or throw things at them.

Seagull WIne
Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

We've all been at the boardwalk when a flock of gulls goes after a fallen funnel cake, we've all been at the beach when some idiot from out of town thinks it's funny to throw french fries or stale bread in the air, and we've all wanted to smack that person around.

Resist the urge to smack, resist the urge to attack the birds, and just keep your food safe and away from wildlife.

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