Threats of fines and even jail-time haven't kept people from feeding the gulls in Ocean City, so now the town is bringing out the big guns: other birds.

Mayor Jay Gillian said the town is bringing in raptors like hawks, falcons, and owls to scare the seagulls away "without harming them".


This weekend, birds that are part of East Coast Falcons started patrolling the boardwalks and beaches in Ocean City. The East Coast Falcons site is actually pretty interesting, as they go into detail of how they use raptors to control the population of other birds.

I think it's kind of messed up to bring in outside birds to make seagulls flee what is their home. Seagulls live near the sea; it's not their fault that idiot tourists throw french fries in the air or don't clean up their leftovers. Maybe I'm not up to date on my falconry techniques, but I'm not really sure how they ensure that those birds don't harm the seagulls.

Also, there's this:

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