John 5, who co-wrote with Steve Perry for the singer's comeback album Traces, recalled how the former Journey frontman didn’t enjoy a Halloween trip to a heavy metal show – but was too nice to admit it.

Rob Zombie guitarist 5 said he once invited Perry to attend a concert featuring his band and Anthrax. “It was this crazy show at Long Beach Arena, I think it was,” he told Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon. “Steve was, like, ‘Okay. Cool. I'll come.’ And I think Gene Simmons was there – it was like a Who's Who, and here comes Steve Perry … and people were freaking out.”

The guitarist said he didn't think Perry was too thrilled to be there. "He didn't tell me, but I don't think he had a good time," he recalled. "The music and everybody was screaming and moshing. He was like, ‘What is going on here?’ But I think that was the only thing he had to endure.”

Repeating that Perry had never said a negative word about his experience, 5 noted the singer "was, like, ‘Oh, it was great and it was fun.’ He's such a nice person – he’s such a great sport.”

You can listen to the interview below.

5 co-wrote the song“Sun Shines Gray” for Traces, but said that “a ton” of other material had also been created. “We were having so much fun,” he recalled. “I would sit a foot away from him and we'd be recording music and he'd be singing. And I'll tell ya, it's like listening to the radio. This guy's voice is the same. It's crazy.”

Asked if future collaborations were possible, he replied, “It’s, of course, up to him … if he wants to do some ticking and singing, I’ll drive right up there.”



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