As a Baltimore and later Philadelphia native who went to college in New York (Go Jaspers!), I have reflected a lot over my last five years at The Hawk about my first few years at the Jersey Shore. Throughout the early 1990s, when I was younger, dumber and single- a group of friends and I(from New York, New Jersey and Maryland) spent at least one week every summer in Long Beach Island. While, I have briefly stopped by Beach Haven and Ship Bottom over the last few years, I was wondering what bars and clubs are still around from my crazy days. I remember some sober and many drunken nights at The Shell, The Marlin, The Ketch and Joe Pops. There was also an indoor bar/club right smack in the middle of LBI (The Wave maybe?) Boulevard whose name escapes me now! We often got the party started at the Terrence Tavern, and ended at The Chicken Or The Egg. Sounds like a road trip is in order!

So, update me on what you remember from the past and what’s good now. Maybe, I’ll add a few pictures from those days - if the police will give me the film back. Reach out to me at with your LBI memories. See you at Seaside soon.

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