There's nothing quite more iconic than enjoying a summer evening on your favorite boardwalk at the Jersey Shore.

The sounds of the piers and games, the smell of the ocean in the air, and enjoying a nice cool breeze coming off the bay while you try to win balloon pop for the third time.

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Growing up, as a kid, we vacationed a lot in Sea Isle City.

The promenade there didn't offer much entertainment, so once or twice a week our parents would drive us up to the Ocean City boardwalk.

It was like being in a whole different world.

ferris wheel, ocean city nj
Photo by Carson Vara on Unsplash

All of the rides and shops were amazing for us to see.

The best part of the night though was without a doubt getting a big bucket of hot, fresh, caramel popcorn from Johnsons Popcorn on 8th Street on the boardwalk.

Carrying that big plastic bucket of sweet caramel deliciousness was a highlight of the night.

I was kind of surprised when my wife and I moved to Ocean County and started spending more time at Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, LBI, and Asbury that Johnson's Popcorn wasn't a thing here.

I figured it was like Kohr Bros. it was just a Jersey Shore staple and had locations all up and down the coast.

It's not.

Johnsons Popcorn
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Johnson's Popcorn is only located in Ocean City, at its three locations on the boardwalk; 6th street, 8th street, and 14th street.

Granted they ship all over the country but it's just not the same as getting it hot and fresh from the boardwalk shop.

If there's one store that needs to come to the Seaside Heights boardwalk, without a doubt, it would be a Johnson's Popcorn stand!

caramel popcorn, new jersey's best caramel popcorn
Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

Seaside Heights has thousands and thousands of visitors a year, is one of Jersey's biggest vacation towns, and has one of the most iconic boardwalks in the state!

If there's anything that could make spending a night people-watching Carousel Pier better, it would be a bucket of Johnson's popcorn.

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