The Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter took to Facebook to share their need for more sponsors to help take care of their animals.

The Share-A-Pet program is designed for animals of all species and breeds. Some are available for adoption, but many of them are spending their lives in comfort, peace and tranquility in the Animal Haven Farm for dogs, or Kitty City for cats. Those animals usually have various medical conditions or other issues that have made adoption very difficult for them. Many of them had been adopted in the past and returned because their adopters were not equipped to handle their conditions.

Sponsoring a Share-A-Pet is $10.00 a month, which helps with the cost of caring for the animals and providing them with all of the medical treatment and various special needs that they have. To see all of the dogs and cats available for sponsorship and read more about the program, click here.

Many of the animals in Popcorn Park Animal Refuge are also available for sponsorship. Sponsoring an animal from the Wildlife Club is just $4.00 per month. You can learn all about it and see the animals available for sponsorship here.

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