The original Friday the 13th was filmed at a Boy Scout camp in Hardwick, NJ (we've already delved into some of the history of the filming).

The camp has had an odd relationship with horror fans for years. Since it was an operating Boy Scout camp, it wasn't open to the public, and they had issues with random fans trying to sneak into the camp. Over the last few years, the camp has decided to embrace their reputation and create more events catering to Jason Vorhees worshippers.

The next Friday the 13th happens this April, and the camp is opening up for tours and a special VIP experience - camping out overnight!

friday the 13th
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Since tickets have been in high demand, the camp has decided to go away from the usual "first-come" basis, instead turning to a lottery system.

Crystal Lake Tours has all the info for the lottery; fill out the form with your name and information. The deadline to enter is March 4, and names will be drawn the next day. Winners will have 24 hours to purchase up to two tickets, or the invitation will expire and a new name chosen. The VIP experience campout runs from 3pm Friday through 11am Saturday, and is only open to fans 21 and over.

If you're not interested in sleeping over at the camp, you can still take part in one of the tours:

Friday, April 13th, 2018 with special guest Adrienne King:

  • Morning Tour:  9a–1p
  • Afternoon Tour:  3p–10p

Saturday, April 14th, 2018 with special guest Adrienne King:

  • Afternoon Tour:  3p–10p

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