If you've never watched any of the "Evening With Kevin Smith" specials, you are missing out. I was lucky enough to take part in a live version before a screening of "Clerks" in Red Bank, and the guy is never off his game. Whether it's in front of a large group, a small crowd, or just hanging with Free Beer & Hot Wings, Kevin Smith is guaranteed to make you laugh, make you think, and maybe bring a tear to your eye.

Kevin Smith is a fixture at Comic-Con in San Diego, as both a creator and a fan. Obviously with social distancing and limits on large gatherings, Comic-Con San Diego (along with countless other Cons) are being cancelled this year. Instead of just skipping 2020 entirely, Comic-Con created "Comic-Con@Home", where fans could interact online with their favorite stars, franchises, and other fans. Comic-Con@Home ran from July 23rd through July 26th, and lots of the footage is starting to circulate online.

You can kill some time clicking through the site, checking out interviews and trailers and artwork, but if you have an hour to spare, I highly recommend spending An Evening With Kevin Smith.

Damn, I'm about 2:50 in and I've already been cracking up. The dude is a comedic master. Give yourself some time, use this as a distraction from the rest of world and all the other crap, maybe smoke some custom Jay & Silent Bob weed (we won't tell), and just laugh for the next 57 minutes. You deserve it.

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