The last time we asked you to sound off about driving here in Ocean County it was for the Garden State Parkway, this time we are going to move over to another major roadway Route 9.

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Before we get to the "worst" part of traveling Route 9 let's throw in some positive thoughts. I think starting off with the positives is a good way to go. First I think Route 9 is a great option because it's free. Unlike the Garden State Parkway, there are no tolls or charges for traveling Route 9 so that's a big positive, right?

Next, let's talk "local". Route 9 is very local and close to many shopping areas and residential developments. Unlike the Garden State Parkway which is usually more removed from "local" sections of town, Route 9 goes right through the heart of many towns here in Ocean County.

Route 9 goes all the way from Lakewood (to the north) to Little Egg Harbor (to the south) that's a positive because it spans the whole county. Although most of Route 9 is east of the Garden State Parkway.

So there a few positive things that I can think of when it comes to using Route 9 in Ocean County, maybe you have more?



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



Ok so now let's talk about some of the negatives when it comes to driving Route 9 in Ocean County. I think the first thing I think of is road condition. Many areas of Route 9 are riddled with potholes and it is a rough ride on your vehicle.

Next is the traffic. Unlike the constantly moving Garden State Parkway, Route 9 is slow and is constantly stopping due to traffic and traffic lights, so there is no saving time when you are on Route 9.

Crazy drivers are another issue. Whether they are tailgating or not using signals, it's definitely a road you have to keep your eyes open and be paying attention all the time.

Hard to navigate can be an issue when you're on Route 9 looking for exit turns not all are marked so visibly, so it may take an extra few minutes to navigate when you are in places you are not familiar with.

So those are just a few "negatives" that I can come up with now it's your turn to sound off and let us know what is your biggest beef with traveling Route 9? also what parts of Route 9 in Ocean County are the worst?


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


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