Slash surprised fans of Anthrax at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (March 27) by taking the stage to play guitar on 'T.N.T.,' the AC/DC song Anthrax chose for their new album of covers called 'Anthems.' The band turned in a pretty convincing rendition, captured on the fan video below.

Slash stands to the left of lead singer Joey Belladonna, working the song's famous riff and filling in licks through the verse and chorus. Finally, in the last minute he gets a chance to solo, and the rest of the band members bow to him and applaud as he walks off the stage.

"Just went to see Exodus & Anthrax. Missed Exodus though. Anthrax is kicking ass. Played TNT w/them. Good Xs!," Slash tweeted after the gig. Later in the show, Public Enemy rapper Chuck D came on stage to perform 'Bring the Noise,' a song his band cut with Anthrax in 1991.

The Metal Alliance Tour will be in San Francisco tonight (March 28) before heading north, then east for 18 shows through April 21. 'Anthems' is an eight-song EP that also features covers of songs from Rush, Boston, Journey and Thin Lizzy.

Watch Slash Perform 'T.N.T.' With Anthrax

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