Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley can be heard on the new single released by Altitudes & Attitude, the band formed by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and Anthrax counterpart Frank Bello.

Frehley recorded a solo for “Late,” which appears on the group's debut album Get It Out, which will be released on Jan. 18. It follows a self-titled EP that arrived in 2014.

You can watch the “Late” video below.

“I've learned that writing songs is very cathartic,” Bello said in a statement. “A lot of these lyrics are about the inner struggles of my life, and about the rage that has built up from my life experiences – my brother's murder; my father abandoning my family when we were young, leaving us with no funds to pay the bills, the ups and downs of life in general. I've always had an anger inside that music really helps me deal with.”

“The song has an easy feel to it, so we shot the video with that same spirit," Ellefson added, revealing that the clip had been shot in a friend’s restaurant. “The music is haunting with a memorable hook and Frank's personal storyline.”

He added that Get It Out "has the perfect title. This is music that has been living inside of us for so long. There's a big musical part of each of us that doesn't get heard anywhere else.”

Describing the tracks as “fun and inspiring to perform,” Bello noted that "all I ever wanted to do was write good songs. I've always been a melody guy. I love hooks. I love catchy songs with a good riff.”

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