Endangered birds have found a home on Island Beach State Park, and their presence could cause some rippling effects.

The piping plover is listed as 'endangered' in NJ, and the state does a lot to protect them. Beach buggy access has been banned at the Gillikin’s Mobile Sportfishing Vehicle entrance because the birds have set up nests there.


The immediate impact of the ban is that with less area for buggies, the park could reach capacity and have to shut down sooner, so if you're heading to IBSP, plan accordingly.

The ban also prohibits dogs from entering the area, and while humans are technically allowed, it's suggested that you keep your distance. There will be temporary fencing, made of twine or rope, to keep people away.

I've been following PublicLandsHateYou on Instagram for a while, and it enrages me to see so many people disregard the rules. Stay on the trail - don't cross over barriers - don't harass the animals - leave no trace - DON'T RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE.

[via WHYY]

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