Filming is set to being in Newark for "The Many Saints of Newark", the Sopranos big-screen prequel. It will be set in 1967, against the backdrop of the Newark Riots.

One of the fun parts of setting movies in the past is seeing how they turn back the clock in current locations, making store-fronts look like they used to, bringing in era-appropriate cars, dressing people in the right style, etc. Crews have been transforming Newark, bringing back old-school pawn shops, TV repair stores, and old movie theaters.

News12 got some video of the crew changing the town to look like it did in 1967, for better or worse.

Check that out at 1:08 - Hayley's Candy & Cigar Shoppe. Candy and tobacco in one convenient location! What a time to be alive.

I might be the only person in Jersey who has never seen The Sopranos, but with a release date of fall 2020, I should be able to catch up before the movie comes out.

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