All good things are worth waiting for, it's true for just about anything.

And after a long 5 year stretch it looks like Seaside Heights will finally be able to take a ride on the famous carousel after what felt like forever.

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The carousel was originally taken out of operation in 2019 for restoration, and that basically feels like a lifetime ago!

Since then the Carousel Pavillion was constructed on the boardwalk, the counsel's horses were restored and repainted to their former glory, and the last missing piece of the puzzle was just acquired this week.

According to APP, Seaside Heights borough received its state permit to operate the carousel late last week.

This means that after years of waiting, we can finally ride the historic carousel again.

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When Will The Seaside Heights, NJ Carousel Open?

Yes, the sign in front of the Carousel Pavillion may state that the carousel is opening in December of 2022 but that date has come and gone years ago.

Now, according to APP, the borough plans on hosting 2 grand opening ceremonies on June 28th and 29th for dignitaries as well as the countless volunteers who donated a lot of time and effort over the past 5 years to get this carousel restored to its former glory.

Then, it looks like Wednesday, July 3rd the carousel will be opened to the general public to ride and enjoy.

Seaside Heights Carousel House
Photo Credit: Buehler

In addition to the carousel, the pavilion also holds a museum on Seaside Heights history.

My wife and I can't wait to finally take our niece on her first carousel ride in Seaside Heights this summer, and let's be honest, we're all looking forward to reliving our childhood a little bit when the carousel opens in a few weeks, aren't we?

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