According to a coworker I might be an official New Jerseyan after this.

Photo by Raffaele Vitale on Unsplash
Photo by Raffaele Vitale on Unsplash

Maybe this has happened to you, and if that's the case you might still have the 'hee bee gee bee's'.

It's late, you're laying in bed trying to fall asleep and then realize "Oh! I forgot to prep the coffee maker for tomorrow."

So you get out of bed, open the bedroom door, flip on the lights and make your way to the kitchen.

That's when you spot what looks like a large clump of dust, maybe?

Your eyes are still adjusting so you're not totally sure what it is.

You don't think too much about it, coffee still has to be prepped remember, so you keep walking.

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash

All of a sudden, that pile of dust jumps a clear foot in the air and startles you so much you scream a couple choice words waking up your fiancée.

Next thing you know, you're scouring for a big shoe, trying to eliminate this unwanted guest with little success.

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Congratulations, you've just had a run in with a Cave Cricket, and that's the exact situation I found myself in last night.

Call it what you want; Cave Cricket, Spider Cricket, Camel Cricket or, what I like to call them; a "spricket".

I know that it's not news that these things are an evasive species, but last night was my first run in with one ever, and I'm still recovering.

I hate bugs, insects, spiders so this was a top ten scary experience.

What makes it even scarier for me is that I wasn't able to get rid of it last night.

It made a B-line to the kitchen and hopped under the stove, so now we have a new roommate in our little basement apartment.


In New Jersey, Cave Crickets are a pretty common issue.

According to CBS News Camel Crickets can be found in 37 percent of New Jersey homes.

Since last night, I've done a deep dive on these disgusting little things and wasn't overly happy with what I learned.

While reading through some "fun facts" on Arrow Pest Control's website I learned that Camel Crickets like dark damp places like basements, caves and garages.

So if you're like me and my fiancée and live in a basement apartment, these could be a common intruder.

In addition, Arrow goes on to say that although Camel Crickets are harmless, they have been known to eat cloth and other fabric.

I know right now, Lanternfly's are the big bug people are worried about but I'll take a lanternfly in my midst over one of these abominations any day of the week.

I'm curious, have you seen any of these in your house/apartment? If so, what do you do to get rid of them?

Do you have any tips or tricks to ensure a bug free home while living near the Jersey Shore?

Email me at with any pest solutions you might have!

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