I was driving south on Rt. 35 last night from Point Pleasant to Toms River.

As I got to the part of Rt. 35 in Brick where the road travels on the Bay side, I noticed that only ONE lane was open.

I started thinking that this weekend is going to be a disaster for people traveling on Rt. 35 down to Seaside Heights/Park with only one lane opened.

And besides only one lane being open, the road surface is a mess. There are some potholes, uneven roadways, and the traffic pattern shifts you to the right lane, then back to the left lane, etc. It feels like you are on a ski slalom. This will be a nightmare for drivers!!!

When I got to the radio station this afternoon, I asked Tom Mongelli, Shore News Bureau Chief for Townsquare Media what the status is of the repairs are.

He let me know that the D.O.T is saying that they are aiming to have the construction finished by approx. June 26th!! (oh boy....aiming). Click here to read a detailed construction schedule.

Construction has been so bad this past winter, Hopefully the businesses and beach home rental owners will get through ANOTHER month of construction, because more than ever they need the summer tourism money since Hurricane Sandy

There you have it!  If I were you, STAY AWAY from Rt.35 south on weekends until the end of June (or until it's done)

You have been warned!!


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