The last time there was a big outer space event was the recent solar eclipse, which unfortunately was not visible to us here in NJ. Tomorrow we will be able to see a rare occurrence.

Tomorrow afternoon, around 6pm, the planet Venus will be in transit across the Sun. It will be similar to a solar eclipse, but obviously since Venus is much further from Earth than the Moon, the area blocked will be smaller.

The most recent Transit of Venus took place in 2004, but this is the last time that anyone on Earth will see one. The next will happen on December 2117; unless we have some breakthrough in the science of aging, this will be your last chance to see it.

Just like a solar eclipse, you shouldn't look directly at the sun. The easiest way to view will be on, which will be streaming a live webcam.

There is a lot of scientific information that can be gained by the study of these transits, all of which is way beyond my comprehension. If you are interested, and your brain capacity is beyond mine, you can find a lot of info by clicking here and reading up on it.



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