Earlier this week the news became official when Queensryche and their long-time vocalist split ways. This unfortunate parting had been coming down the pike for a while after a series of rumored events had the band total disarray.

Queensryche w/ new singer Todd La Torre

Queensryche unfortunately joins a long list of rock bands from the 80's that ultimately couldn't make it work and had to separate. Here's why this one is so tough to take for fans of the Seattle rockers. Unlike most of the bands from the era, Queensryche were still putting out a really good product.

A lot of similar bands either were being held together at this point by one or two original members, not making any decent new music and just touring for the sake of a paycheck. Queensryche , on the other hand, the majority of the original lineup, minus guitarist Chris DeGarmo who left in the late 1990's to pursue other interests, were still performing and recording together.

Now three of the original members, Michael Wilton, bassist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield, will forge on with current guitarist, Parker Lundgren (who is married to Tate's step-daughter) and former Crimson Glory singer, Todd La Torre.

Here is the revamped lineup of Queensryche performing in their home town of Seattle a few weeks ago under the name Rising West.

As for former lead singer Geoff Tate, he will be left to tour as a solo act this summer with the Scorpions. No word yet on who will actually have the naming rights to use the band name Queensryche.

If this is truly the end of the original lineup, it's a very sad ending, as they were one of the few groups who kept us rocking through many years of change in the music world.

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