That's right! I want to come to your office, job site, or whatever type of company it is, and work for a little bit.

You've seen the shows on TV and online where you get to see what goes on "behind the scenes" of different businesses.

We decided to do something similar, but showcase the Jersey Shore!

So far,  I have gone to work at Johnny G's Pizza in Toms River, and I've baked cookies at Lala's Gourmet Cookies in Brick. Was a lot of fun doing it, and I want to go to more places

There are some great local, unique businesses where we live, and I want to check them out. We're going to call the segment "Jersey Shore Jobs" w/ Andy Chase.

You have a "mom and pop" business? I'll come there! Would love that!

And.....I’ll do anything (well…..almost lol) Maybe I'll be "working" the games/rides on the boardwalk, become a lifeguard. Or maybe I'll be working construction or spending some time with the cops, or emergency service personal. Who knows, the possibilities are endless. you even might see me collect your tolls on the GSP, or helping out with the animals in the safari in Great Adventure?

Blue collar, or white collar it doesn't matter. All I know, It's gonna be fun, and it's going to be great to spend some time with all the hard working people in New Jersey and see how things get done!

So……If you want to put me to work at your business, fill out the form below…….. I might be stopping by!

Check me out making pizza

Here I am at making cookies

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