Don't believe what your told folks because apparently size does matter. Just when you thought Kiss had every marketing scheme covered, think again. Kiss will be issuing a special limited edition 'Monster' book that covers the 40 year history of the band. The book's dimensions are 3 feet high by 2 1/2 feet wide. One of the largest books you'll ever see. The price tag? Well it should come as no surprise that the price tag is large also.

Monster Book

You can be one of the thousand (only 1,000 copies were made) owners of the monster- size- book for the bargain price of $4,299.00.No, I did not put the comma in the wrong place. That is four THOUSAND dollars. If you're a bargain shopper that looks for the best deals, if you act before July 3rd and are one of the first 75 people to order 'Monster',  you can buy it for the low price of $3,499.00

If it's any consolation, shipping is absolutely FREE! What a bargain!

The book is individually numbered and is hand signed by the band. Monster includes never-before-seen images of the band and offers 10 different country covers to go along with the Monster logo. If you're curious as to what a guitar-sized book looks like, you can take a tour of the book with this promotional video:

The only other question to ask about the book is, if you pass on, would the book be able to fit into the Kiss Kasket with you?

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