You can say it's deja vu but it's a different Ocean County borough that has police on alert for possible big crowds coming in all day on Friday.

It's only a couple weeks after a melee took place in the sands between Seaside Heights and Seaside Park that comes a message from Joseph A. Michigan, Chief of Police in Point Pleasant Beach telling everyone they are aware of an advertisement promoting a "Beach Party" on Friday between 12:00 and 9:00 pm.

"Based on a similar advertisement and an incident that occurred in Seaside Heights/Seaside Park over Father’s Day weekend, it is possible we may see a large crowd for this unsanctioned event," Michigan said.

He adds that there is no specific location set for this rumored party but the Police Department has their eyes closely peeled onto what happens next along with the tag-team efforts of Local, County, and State agencies as well.

"To ensure the safety of the residents and visitors of our town, the Police Department is taking every necessary step, and as a precaution, you should expect to see a very high presence of law enforcement on this date," Michigan said.

In the Father's day weekend brawl in the sand in another part of Ocean County, thousands crowded the beach and engaged in fights, underage drinking and crude language.

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