About a year ago, Mayor John Ducey announced plans for the abandoned lot on Route 70 in Brick that used to be a Foodtown. Earlier this year, Superdome Sports said they had plans to bring a rec center to the site.

Finally, after over a decade of just being a concrete slab of nothingness, plans were approved to build a rec center, a few restaurants - but specifically no gas stations.

The back half of the property will be home to the sports facility, while the front half will be split into three pads, one for a restaurant, one for a marketplace, and the third for a retail building.

route 70 brick

That spot has been an eyesore for as long as I can remember - I literally have no memories of there even being a Foodtown there, and I lived in Brick for 25 years. It was the staging area for Brick parades, which means my high school marching band set up in that parking lot, but I still can't picture it.

Adding a big sports complex would be cool, but we've seen so many restaurants close up lately, it'll be interesting to see if something can move into Brick and stick around for a while.

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