Let's be honest - Pizza Hut has no business setting up shop in New Jersey. There is a great local pizzeria on pretty much every corner, and I am always stunned when I see a delivery car from one of the pizza chains driving around my neighborhood. I guess getting a Hot N Ready for five bucks is a good deal, but you're getting what you paid for. Some of the other national chains were part of my college diet (again, mostly because they were cheaper), but now that I'm a grown up with grown up money, splurging on a $14 pizza is not going to bankrupt me. #braggadoccio

Anyway, Pizza Hut announced they would be closing up to 300 locations due to the pandemic. They will be closing locations that "significantly underperform", but on the plus side, they will help employees find jobs at nearby Pizza Hut restaurants.

Pizza Hut was unique among the chains in that many of their locations still had dining rooms. Obviously with the pandemic restrictions, dining rooms were closed, and Pizza Hut was encouraging customers to order pick-up through its website or food delivery apps.

At the moment, Pizza Hut has not announced which locations will be affected. There are a few stores in our area (Brick, Freehold, Howell, Toms River), so we'll see if they survive.

Despite my distaste for chain pizza, I have to say I was somewhat surprised by the news. Throughout most of this pandemic, I've been a believer that the national businesses would survive, whether it was food or retail or anything. It was the local businesses that would suffer the most. Obviously it's still true that locals need the most support, it's still surprising to see a national chain take a hit.

Thanks to my pizza-loving coworker Nicole at the Point for the heads up.

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