This is Paris...She is a 1 1/2-year-old female Pit Bull who was just transferred from a shelter up in Newark, and now she is at the Popcorn Park zoo waiting to be adopted.

Animal control discovered her at the beginning of the month, and they don't know 100% why she is missing half her mouth. They say it could be a deformity but due to other scars on her body, it is more likely from an attack by another dog. They also believe she just had a litter of puppies

According to their Facebook Page:

Paris is a happy, friendly girl that welcomes attention from staff and volunteers. She had an excellent evaluation already and soon, Paris will be ready to start over in a new home where she will be loved for who she is, and not judged by what she looks like.


Who wants to give this girl a second chance at living a good life?

If you are interested in adopting Paris, contact the Forked River shelter at (609) 693-1900

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