Once again, the Miss Barnegat Light charter boat did not disappoint. What a great time we had with a bunch of Hawk listeners for a day of fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.

It was a windy morning with some big size "rollers", so we got quite wet as we were traveling from spot to spot. It actually worked to our advantage since we were the ONLY boat out fishing this morning. There wasn't another boat in sight. All the fish were ours for the taking

First of all, I can't say enough about the crew of Miss Barnegat Light. These guys are amazing. Deckhands Dylan and Nick were always around attending to your needs. Whether you need more bait, get the fish off your hook, help untangle a "birds nest" on your reel (see picture below) or cleaning someone's puke (not mine...I made it over the rail...True story)

Captain Lenny got us on the fluke pretty quickly. A lot of people caught keepers today. A bunch of "smalls",  but there was plenty of action all day long.

As we were heading back in after a long morning of fishing, we noticed there some whales swimming 50 yards or so off the port side of the boat. Captain Lenny steered the boat towards the whales to get a better look.

Once again, it was great to hang with the Hawk listeners for a day of fishing. Congratulations to Eric who was fishing with us today. He caught TWO 'keepers" and won $$$ for the biggest fish.

Check out the pictures:

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Andy Chase
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