It's been a busy day in Toms River with the scheduled protest and march through Downtown Toms River for the murder of George Floyd. Issues of systemic racism and white privilege are huge factors to the unrest in our nation right now, and it is being felt across the country.

Toms River police officers lead by Chief Mitch Little walked with the protestors in solidarity with no incident.

Later in the day, there have been some protestors on the corner of Washington Street and Hooper Ave holding up signs as cars drive by.

Over the last hour or so, a larger gathering of peaceful protestors has assembled once again in the Kohl's shopping center holding up signs and holding up their hands in the air.

While the group is growing larger, as of this writing they have remained civil and no incidents have been reported.

This is the entrance of the shopping Center by Modell's:

Here are some photos that were taken at the afternoon protests in Toms River along Rt. 37:

Black Live Matters and anti-racism Protestors gathering in Toms River Tuesday Afternoon

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Andy Chase
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George Floyd Protest in Toms River

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