Today at 10am, a crowd will gather at Veterans Parks in Berkeley to rally for peace and unity, as well as protest the murder of George Floyd.

We've seen the protests in towns across Jersey remain peaceful. Yes, there have been reports of violence and looting, but from what I've read, those happen after the peaceful protesters wrap up, while a small percentage of jerks are the ones who linger around later into the night. With a rally planned for a large, open space like Veterans Park, and scheduling it for 10am pretty much insures that things will be similar to the rally/march that happened in Toms River last week.

It's been nice to see the local police joining with the protesters, kneeling with them, walking with them, and just not doing what we've seen police in big cities do to protesters.

I've already seen some comments on other posts about this rally saying "enough is enough" or "another protest?"...but until an actual change happens, nothing will be "enough", and these protests will continue. I know you don't come here for in-depth political talk, my goal is not to argue with anyone or try to convince you that I'm right and you're wrong or anything like that. I just believe there is a problem in our country that cannot be ignored, and I'm glad I live in a country that allows for protests, allows for free speech where people are given a voice, and allows people to try and change the world for the better.


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George Floyd Protests in Asbury Park & Toms River

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