There are people who love Boardwalk pizza or brick-oven, and then there are people that like toppings on their pizza.  Delicious yummy toppings like pepperoni.

New Jersey has a ton of great pizza places.  And one small unassuming spot in Elizabeth was just ranked as #5 out of the top ten best pepperoni pizzas in the country.

The Daily Meal describes Santillo's Brick Oven Pizza in Elizabeth...

Santillo may be the least well-known great pizza tradition curator in America, the gatekeeper to three generations of pizza-making and one of the most unique pizzerias in America.

That's quite a compliment!

New York City holds the first three spots on the list (and the #10 spot), and a fairly new Philadelphia pizza joint sits at #9.

Time for a road trip up north and over to Philly!


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