Have you ever spent time in Pittstown, New Jersey? The answer is probably no.

If you look at a map of New Jersey, Pittstown is located northwest of the Jersey Shore. It's about an hour and fifteen-minute car ride from my condo in Belmar. It's not a heavily populated or well-known town, but it's beautiful section of New Jersey. Even though there isn't a beach close by, it's well worth the summer 2022 trip. You might ask why? Well, it's the home of one of New Jersey's best wineries. Details below!

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The other day, I was enjoying the beautiful weather and sipping tasty wine at Beneduce Vineyards. This winery is awesome, and I highly recommend taking a trip to Pittstown to check it out.

It's been a family farm since 2000, the vineyard was first planted in 2009, and opened to the public in 2012. Years of hard work and patience has paid off. Beneduce Vineyards has 10 acres of grapes under cultivation, and they produce 4,000 cases of wine per year. I took a tour, and it really is a beautiful place. Many will say that this is the best winery in New Jersey.

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I was with a very fun group of people, and we drank about 5 different bottles of wine. My two favorite bottles were the 2020 Gewurz Pet Nat and the 2020 chardonnay. I can't do too many glasses of red wine, if I did, my heartburn would be brutal.

The 2020 Gewurz Pet Nat was delicious. Beneduce says, "the hard-to-pronounce Gewürztraminer grape, bottled during active fermentation for a deliciously dry sparkling white."

Check out a couple of professional reviews below:

“For such a young winery, the wines were very well done, with nice balance and complexity, all across the board along a range of styles. Very, very nicely done.”
-Carlo DeVito, author of “East Coast Wineries”

Jersey has a Riesling star in the making….”

– Stuart Pigott, Riesling Global

Beneduce Vineyards is located at 1 Jeremiah Ln in Pittstown, NJ. Plan a trip and go have fun! For more details about New Jersey wineries, see below!

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