Paying to park anywhere is a drag. I admit I'm one of those crazy guys who will circle around, going up and down side streets, all trying to avoid paying at a lot or a metered spot. Sometimes, though, we all just have to suck it up and pay.

Right now, parking at a metered spot in Belmar will set you back $1 per hour - but they're looking to double that.

The town claims they are not meeting "parking fund goals" after a court order forced them to lower the price from $2 to $1 after it was discovered that the town spent meter money on its general fund, rather than parking and beach maintenance.

While I get that $1/hr is one of the cheaper rates at the shore, and even $2/hr isn't too expensive compared to some other towns, I still think it's kind of BS that the town is charging citizens because of their screwup. Yes, I know that pretty much every government in the history of the world has pushed the cost of a screwup onto their people, but still...Belmar got busted misappropriating funds, and now you're going to make the public pay for it?

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