We're now in the single digit count until election day 2019 and in Ocean County registered voters who won't be able to make it to the polls on Tuesday will be able to cast their ballots this weekend in person.

The Ocean County Clerk's Office and the Ocean County Board of Elections are offering extended office hours to registered voters.

"It's important every registered voter have the opportunity to cast a ballot during the general election," Scott Colabella, Ocean County Clerk, said. "We anticipate that by extending hours at our different sites it will allow some people to vote who might not have been able."

Registered Ocean County voters will be able to apply, obtain and cast their ballot in person at the Ocean County Board of Elections, 129 Hooper Ave., Lower Floor (Basement Level), Toms River on Saturday and Sunday.

Free parking is available in the Ocean County Parking Garage adjacent to the Board of Elections office.

County Clerk/Election Board staff will be available to assist voters from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. both days.

"By providing weekend hours we can reach those voters who may have to work on Election Day and may not be in the area," Colabella said. "We have offered this service for several years now and it has worked out well."

On Monday, November 4, the Washington Street office will be open for in-person ballots from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

"The Ocean County Clerk and Election Board are working in partnership to give everyone the opportunity to vote," Ocean County Freeholder Gary Quinn, who serves as liaison to the County Clerk's Office, said. "From weekend hours, use of the Ocean County Southern Service Center and more availability at the Courthouse, every effort is being made to make voting accessible and convenient for those citizens who can't get to the polls on Election Day."

As of October 24, the County Clerk's Office issued 39,311 Vote by Mail Ballots.

Colabella said that five years ago, in the 2015 General Election, in which the State Assembly was at the top of the ticket, more than 14,000 Vote by Mail ballots were issued.

An increase of nearly more than 25,000 ballots. Of the ballots issued, 16,855 have been issued to registered Republicans, 11,410 have been issued to registered Democrats and 11,046 to unaffiliated voters.

"A portion of the increase in Vote by Mail ballots can be attributed to the new election laws instituted in 2018 and this year, which mandates that a vote by mail ballot be issued to all those that were issued them in the November 2016 general election and all elections in 2017 and 2018," Colabella said. "Unless a voter notified our office in writing stating they do not want a vote by mail ballot for this election, they received one as part of the new state initiatives. Voters who opted not to vote the Vote by Mail ballot can go to the polls and vote a provisional ballot on Election Day."

There are over 400,000 registered voters in Ocean County of which 142,066 are Republicans; 87,840 registered as Democrats and 177,377 are unaffiliated voters.

More than 400,000 sample ballots are being mailed providing registered voters with a copy of the official ballot that will appear on voting machines on Nov. 5 as well as the polling place location for the 413 County election districts.

A copy of the sample ballot and polling location addresses for all 33 municipalities is also available at www.oceancountyclerk.com, the County Clerk's web site or voters can visit www.facebook.com/oceancountyclerk the County Clerk's Facebook page.

For additional information on Voting in Person registered voters may contact the County Clerk's Office at (732) 929-2018 or (732) 929-2153.

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