It seems like there's an Italian restaurant on just about every street in Ocean County. We all have our favorites; maybe we love one place's marinara to another, maybe we avoid another place because their meatballs are dry.

Cheapism searched to find the best "old-school" Italian restaurants in every state across the country. I'm guessing it was a stretch to find great Italian in places like Alaska or New Mexico or Mississippi, but to choose just one to take the top spot in Jersey was going to spark some controversy.

Their winner? It happens to coincide with my favorite Italian restaurant, Spano's in Point Pleasant Beach!

They say:

Much-lauded Spano's has pleased a lot of palates since opening in 2000 — it won the reader's choice award for best Italian restaurant in New Jersey from, and chef Joe Spano was named "Boss of the Sauce" in 2004 for his marinara. Wine lovers can grab a bottle on the way in, as Spano's is BYOB.

What do you think of their choice? What's your fave Italian restaurant?

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