The Washington Post put together an interactive map that highlight the number of damaged bridges across the entire country.

According to their data, 6.8% of the bridges in Ocean County are structurally deficient, which is actually better than the national average of 9.4%.

There are 237 classified bridges of 237 total in this county. Of the classified bridges, 16 are "structurally deficient", 23 are "functionally obsolete", and 198 are "good".

ocean county bridges

If you use the Post's map you can zoom in and out and see exactly which bridges are deficient or obsolete. The Route 72 Bridge is in bad shape, with four different sections with less than 50% sufficiency.

Bridges are rated by an overall measure based on inspector ratings of many aspects of the bridge’s top deck and underlying structure. According to the National Bridge Inventory, the worst bridges, generally with a score below 50 percent, are classified as “structurally deficient” due to at least one defect that requires attention. Bridges that are “functionally obsolete” cannot handle the required traffic needs. A low score does not mean that a bridge will fall, but it indicates that it needs repair.

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