This is the cover of today's New York Post. In my opinion....

It's disgusting!Yesterday, 58 year old Ki Suk Han was pushed off a train platform by a deranged man in the New York City Subway.

This cover bothers me so much.

Now I have seen a lot of graphic photos and video over the years because of the accessibility of the internet, but this picture I feel went too far for a few reasons.

First of all, instead of taking pictures, the photographer SHOULD BE trying to help the man off the tracks!

The picture was taken by R. Umar Abbasi who supposedly is a freelance photographer for the newspaper. The post claims he was running toward the train and "repeatedly firing off his flash to warn the operator."

REALLY??? Since when is repeatedly using your flash the universal sign for STOP THE TRAIN? Come on! Put down the camera and help the guy up.

And for someone who was "running" to help. He sure takes a good picture while "running to help". Perfectly framed. Hmmmm. Interesting.

He must be the greatest photographer. EVER!

If New York City has a "Good Samaritan" law, the photographer should be facing a judge. (Take a picture of the judge  Mr. R. Umar. How bout that?)

Secondly, The New York Post should be ashamed of themselves as well! How could they post such a picture? I understand they want to make money, and sell as many copies as possible. But they went to far this time. It's sickening.

Over the years, the Post has done some irresponsible things, but this is unbelievable! Did they ever think of the victims family? Of course not! All they thought about was the good ol' dollar.

How would the editor feel if that was HIS loved one plastered over millions of newspapers in one of the biggest city in the world?

So classless!

Am I wrong to feel like this? Is the Post wrong for publishing this picture?

What do you think? Comment below please



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