Over the holiday weekend, JPP was injured in a fireworks accident. Details were sketchy, but apparently he's lost a finger!

When the news first broke, the stories varied from "burns on his fingers and hands" to "HE BLEW HIS DAMN HAND OFF!".  Some said the injuries weren't career-threatening, but JPP avoided meeting with Giants execs, in a somewhat suspicious move.

ESPN's Adam Schefter posted this to Twitter, apparently showing JPP's medical chart.



Well dang.  Unless that's some sort of faked documentation (why would someone fake it?) it seems pretty clear.

As a Giants fan, I'm annoyed that one of our best players would be so stupid. But realistically, he's not a quarterback, he's not a wide receiver, he's not a running back. He doesn't really need all his fingers to be an effective defensive lineman. He just won't be able to point like this anymore.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images