Comedian and Daytime Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres, is giving away $1 million dollars this May!

According to her website:

Throughout the entire month of May, Ellen is giving away a total of $1 MILLION to deserving people – and we want to hear from you! If you or someone you know is giving back or sparking kindness in a community, share the story here.

That's where we need YOUR help!

The soon to be built, special needs sports complex, Toms River Field of Dreams, still needs another $280,000.00 to fully fund the $2.2 million dollar project that will be located on North Bay Ave in Toms River.

We need to get the word out to the Ellen Show as much as possible. We are asking YOU to please nominate the Toms River Field of Dreams at Ellen's website. We are also asking you to tell as many people as possible about Ellen's "Million Dollar May", and help get the Toms River Field of Dreams fully funded or at least closer to.

It is so easy to do! Just follow these steps below:

  • Go To:
  • Click on Million Dollar May (Button located upper left side of the screen)
  • Complete Your Information
  • Upload this picture of Gavin (right-click it to save it to your computer, Then click "Browse" to attach it to their form, and then click "upload")

(Keep scrolling down past the photo for more)

Gavin Kane
Gavin Kane
  • Twitter handle: TRfieldofdreams
  • Facebook: trfieldofdreams
  • Instagram: trfieldofdreams
  • Tell Us Your Story: (Copy and Paste the paragraph below)

In Toms River NJ, Mary and Christian Kane are building a $2.2 million dollar special needs complex for those of any age and any disability.  On July 12, 2012, their son was in a car accident in which he suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Gavin to this date can still not regain his ability to walk or talk but that has not stopped the Kane's from building this complex for others as well as for those like their son. In two years, they have raised 1,920,000.00 and need another $280,000 to fully fund the project.  Visit to watch the 15 minute documentary by FOX Films and the 3-minute virtual tour of the complex.

It is that simple! Let's hope the Toms River Field of Dreams gets on Ellen's "Radar" can help Gavin and so many other amazing children with special needs get the playground they so do deserve!

The Toms River Field of Dreams Mission

Please visit to help donate and spread the word about #TRFOD

Who We Are: The Toms River Field of Dreams (TRFOD) is a project with a mission to encourage and engage our communities (Monmouth and Ocean Counties), with a focus on those with special needs, in physical and social activity by building a community complex to provide opportunities for all individuals of all ages all abilities to engage, explore and socialize together.

What We Are Doing: The TRFOD is revitalizing a 3-acre parcel of Bey Lea Park (North Bay Avenue) with a plan that is designed to benefit individuals of all ages, abilities, and needs.

After a careful search, the site for the TRFOD was chosen at Bey Lea Park due to its central location within Toms River, accessibility to the Garden State Parkway and the long-term commitment from the Township of Toms River.  Upon completion of the complex, The TRFOD will feature a walking path along which will be rehabilitative stations, a temperature-controlled pavilion, complimentary snack shack, courts for basketball, bocce and shuffle board, a state of the art all-inclusive playground, quiet corner, baseball field, and rehabilitative fitness stations.  The complex is open to all residents of surrounding towns and counties.

The TRFOD will provide engaging inter-active areas, events for music and art appreciation, organized leagues for special needs baseball and basketball, as well as quiet spaces for observation, reflection, and reorganizing.  After the completion of the complex, our hope is to increase awareness of our special needs community and provide an inclusive environment in which all can play and interact together.

Toms River and its surrounding communities will also benefit from being the only area in New Jersey with a complex specifically developed for special needs individuals.  It will serve as a sustainable landmark and a significant accomplishment for the town.  As an open, public space, the TRFOD will be an inclusive environment for the entire community to enjoy all year round.

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