Toms River Field of Dreams

Progress Being Made at Toms River Field of Dreams
It's been a few months since we have given you an update on the construction at the site of the Toms River Field of Dreams.
I met up with the founder of the Toms River Field of Dreams, Christian Kane this afternoon to find out the latest...
Tickets for the TR Field of Dreams Casino Night Now On Sale
Once again, I am very excited to be part of an amazing project being developed in Toms River for all people, especially those with special needs. It's called the Toms River "Field of Dreams". And is expected to be completed by this summer
Once again, there will be a "Casino Night"…
UPDATE: The Toms River Field of Dreams is Coming
The Toms River Field of Dreams is definitely a work in progress.
It has been a few years since we first learned about Christian Kane and the special needs sports complex that he is building in Toms River. A lot goes into trying to build something like this, but it is happening...
Toms River Field of Dreams Receives $10,000 Donation [VIDEO]
On Thursday, Heyco Products, a local Toms River business, gave the Toms River Field of Dreams a check for $10,000 as part of their Global Day of Giving.
Rob and Mary Ann presented Christian Kane, Founder of the Field of Dreams the check
In Toms River NJ, Mary and Christian Kane are building a $2...
Todd Frazier Donates $50,000 to the Toms River Field of Dreams
Todd Frazier announced today that he and his family will be donating $50,000 to the Field of Dreams Special Needs Complex that will be built in Toms River
On Saturday, July 27th, Todd Frazier will present a check to Christian Kane and his wife Mary at Citi Field before the start of the Mets game as t…
[WATCH] Toms River "Field of Dreams" on Channel 7 News
The Toms River Field of Dreams was featured today on WABC Channel 7 News at 5:30.
Approximately $400,000 is still needed for the playground to be fully funded.
There will be a Casino Night Fundraiser happening this Saturday night at the Crystal Point Yacht Club to raise some money...
Toms River Field of Dreams [Update]
It's been a long process raising money, getting permits, etc... but finally, this week construction has started! The trees have been cleared with heavy machinery at the site of the Field of Dreams.
Please Support the Toms River "Field of Dreams"
You've been hearing about the Toms River "Field of Dreams"  playground for the last year or so.
If you're not familiar, let me explain the story behind the "Field of Dreams"
In 2012, Christian Kane, an Ocean County resident, and teacher in the Toms River School system was driving i…

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