Antonio Cromartie gained a certain level of infamy after going over his roster of children on HBO's Hard Knocks series. Now he's blocking production of a reality show pertaining to his huge family tree.

Cromartie recently welcomed another child to the mix, a baby boy named Jagger. The total is now at 10 children by 8 women across 6 states. Here's a quick rundown for easy reference:

- Alonzo, age 7. Mother - Rosemita, lives in New Jersey.

- Karis, age 4. Mother - Veronica, lives in California.

- Antonio Jr, age 4. Mother - Erin, lives in Georgia.

- Deyjah, age 4. Mother - Latoya, lives in Texas.

- Tyler, age 4. Mother - Ryan, lives in California.

- London, age 3. Mother - Rhonda, lives in North Carolina.

- Leilani, age 3. Mother - Latoya (same as Deyjah), lives in Texas.

- Julian, age 3. Mother - Tina, lives in California.

- Jurzie, age 2. Mother - Terricka, lives in New Jersey.

- Jagger, newbornw. Mother - Terricka, lives in New Jersey.


Whoa. Got all that?  Well, it seems the various baby mamas have joined together in hopes to create a reality show. Producers say the women want their children to bond with their step-siblings, document the journey, and get Antonio's support.

Speaking of support, Antonio pays each woman more than $3,500 per month.


Here's the original video from "Hard Knocks" in 2010:


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