With the rise of Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Amazon Prime, OnDemand, and countless other ways to stream movies, the video rental store is a thing of the past.

Blockbuster closed their stores and even shut down their dvd-by-mail service over three years ago. The neighborhood rental stores disappeared as well, but one in Brick remained - Bob's Video Time. After 27 years is business, outlasting every other rental store in the state, Bob’s Video Time in the Briarmill plaza, will close for good.

Bob Karpodinis began the business when he was 35-years-old. He and his wife ran everything, from keeping the shelves stocked to maintaing rental records.

Karpodinis said Video Time's last day will be Saturday, February 11th. Since he put up signs announcing the closing, customers have been stopping by to share memories and even shed a few tears. It is the relationships with his customers and staff members he’s employed for years that he’ll miss the most, he said. Brick Shorebeat features conversations with both Karpodonis and some loyal customers.

I grew up in Brick, just a few miles away from Video Time. I actually went to high school (Brick Memorial) with Karpodonis's son Alex, we were both in the school band (cool kid alert!). It's a shame to see a family-owned business fold, but it's just a sign of the times. I think I might swing by to say a farewell, and maybe pick up a few movies.

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